RollControl™ Si

RollControl™ Si is an integrated automation solution for roll grinders used in aluminium- and steel industries. The system is designed for the users needing high performance, top grinding quality, ease of use and high automation level for their roll grinding operation.

RollControl™ Si system incorporates a fully automated roll measurement system, CNC control, electrical devices, motors and other essential devices such as any accessories, cabling and mechanical components required when fitting the system onto a grinder.

  • Features:
  •  Fully automated roll measurement system
  •  Measures the diameter of the work piece with two sensors
  •  Work piece normally rotates during the measurement
  •  Measurement can also be performed on a stationary roll.
  •  Options:
  •  Eddy current – sensor will detect the damages, bruises and cracks of the  work piece.
  •  The temperature measurement gauge
  •  Remote control and monitoring