RollWasher Robot™

RollWasher Robot™ is designed for washing of the suction roll shell during maintenance with high-pressure water sprayed from inside out the roll shell. The rotating cleaning head is driven inside the disassembled suction roll shell. RollWasher Robot™ is powered and controlled pneumatically.

RollWasher Robot™ provides faster and even cleaning results. Equipment supports systematic roll service. It’s applicable for coated rolls, saves working time and it is environmental friendly as it only uses pressurized water and air.

Advantages when using a clean suction roll:

  •  Better paper machine operation
  •  Better paper quality
  •  Less corrosion

Technical information:

  •  Material is stainless steel and marine aluminum
  •  Weight 150kg
  •  Length 1500mm
  •  Optional lifting table available
  •  Requires compressed air (max. 7 bar) and pressurized water (20-40 bar)