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Our Products
Our product family consists of RollCal™ – roll measuring devices, RollControl™ – roll grinder control systems, RollMike™ – wireless roll measurement unit, RollServer™ – roll data management systems, RollGroove™ – cutting tool, RollBelt™ – belt grinding device. In addition, we supply saddle-mikes, RollWasher Robot™ – suction roll washing systems and all kinds of accessories for roll maintenance. We make also electrical and mechanical rebuildings for roll lathes and grinders.
RollSaddle with RollMike electronics

RollSaddle - Roll caliper

Roll Caliper devices which can be bought separately or together with RollMike measurement device.

Ruben 005 P&J Plastometer

RUBEN 005 P&J plastometer

A full automatic microprocessor controlled instrument for testing material hardness.

Groove cutting tool blades

RollGroove™ Cutting Tool

Automatic cutting of radial and spiral grooves.

Dressing device for grinding wheel

Dressing device for contact wheel

Easy to use dressing device for contact wheels


Belt grinding device. Read more.

RollWasher Robot™

Roll washing device.


RollServer™– The Roll – and Grinding Data Management Solution


Portable roll measurement device.

RollControl™ Si

An integrated automation solution for roll grinders used in aluminum- and steel industries.

RollControl™ i

An integrated computer numeric control (CNC) solution specifically designed and developed for roll grinding machines.

RollCal™ 3

An automated four-point roll measurement system.

RollCal™ 2

A multipoint measurement system

RollCal™ Classic

A pioneer in the field of automated roll measurements.